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[Suggestion] Invite search (by Names, Classes and Level) and more(..)

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  • [Suggestion] Invite search (by Names, Classes and Level) and more(..)

    Invite Dungeon Search could be more complete. Also, farm friends Search and Guild

    Invite Dungeon Advanced Search
    • An option by searching typing the name.
    • An option to search for only knights, only archers and only mage.
    • An option to search by level.

    Fast search and one click invite all of that list.
    Example, you search mage, you can choose level and invite all in one click.

    Farm friends Advanced search
    Some guildies sometimes ask to revive plants and it takes ages to find them since soe have alot of friends on farm, if we had a name search it would be easier to find them.
    Also an option to find tree to energize, plants to revive and done plants.

    Guild Advanced Search
    Sometimes is difficult to find people to kick or something we want to see, if guild is huge.
    I would recommend search by name aswell.

    Those things, really are needed on game.
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  • e314159
    Well, the alphabetic search like in the Friendlist would be great for Guild member list, and farm list, I must agree.

    But I'm not favorable to an "invite all" button. Enough spamming of unrequired invitations for the moment, and the personalized message for "fast invite" is enough.

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  • R28388225
    yeah a search or alphabetic order would be nice for all this thing

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