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    Suggestion to R2 Games for Wartune

    One of my favorite activities in Wartune are the Guild Battles. It's fun to fight against rival
    Guilds for the reward, yes, but the right to say you're a member of the best guild on the server.

    In discussions I've had with other members of my guild on S188, We like the idea of having a
    cross-server Guild Battle. It could be done in a Tournament style where the winners of the various
    server Guild battles would compete in a single elimination style tournament with the winner of each
    battle advancing.

    There could be several prizes. Each Server Champion could receive Vouchers, PvP points, Gold, or a

    Title. Winners of successive rounds of the tournament could have different titles in addition to
    appropriate prizes.

    When you get down to 8 Guilds, there would be a Quarter final Round with significant prizes,
    increasing slightly for the Semi-Finals. The Runner-Up prize should be rather significant, but
    the GRAND CHAMPION guild, in my opinion should offer Free VIP Membership (or extensions) for each
    participant of the winning guild in the final battle.

    I would be happy to discuss this further should you so desire.

    Thank You for your time.