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Balens vs PvP combat system - BG

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  • Balens vs PvP combat system - BG

    This game is becoming more and more pathetic...
    Players buyers Balens are much easier than others,
    I do this is to PvP combat systems for Battleground ?

    I do not attack anyone, advantage because they have people buying Balens, the advantage in all...
    I Crusader title, if a person attacks me with the title Crusader+ and I lose, I lose only 10 honor, if a person attacks me with the title Elite warrior- and lose, even if I lose 200 honor, where I was when I gain victory only 35 honor,
    This is some sick, because it allows someone to invest real money in the game, This is some sick, that a player with a low level and the title became more of a player with a higher level and title,
    not to mention that the person with a greater than Crusader probably lose more honor

    I understand that players with high-level farming players with low level, but it helps that one myself thanks to real money, and thus is superior to the other despite the low lvl, but in this case that the weaker player beat a strong player by Balens, gaining more honor despite weaker title should be changed

    Just gaze at a duel arena, previously dealt 50-60 server space, now 80-90+, in the forefront of the players are often the low level who help themselves buying Balens,

    I am not surprised that more and more players leaving the game, because what is happening with evens is increasingly pathetic, some people have way too easily in the game...

    just mention again that in addition latest updates ruining the game more and more, with new additions strong players become even stronger, by clothers have more rage, and it also prevails for win, before the fight could take several rounds, you could use the skills need a lot of rage, Now thanks to clothers advantage is on the side of the people buying Balens,

    new troops with high levels have a lot of hp, so that in many cases can not even kill them, so that if a player is protected and you can not ask him wounds because the game randomly selects attacks

    as it enters the new astrals game that is quite spoil the game

    today BG, me lvl 64... archer lvl 62 kill me, PATK 19k+... check more events of the legends stone ...
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