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  • boku and zong

    im very disappoint of this method to recharge balen. the highest balen i can recharge is 327. not bcoz dont want to recharge more, but i cant, that the only option to recharge. so the problem is i cant get the bonus when i recharge balen. to get the bonus, we must recharge at least 500 balen. but for people like me that dont have credit card, paypal, molpoint, or anything like that, the only way i can buy balen is using phone credit, so my suggestion is please add more option to recharge balen using phone credit, at least people like me can get the bonus when we recharge. TQ
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    Please bring back the ZONG and BOKU!! I need to recharge as soon as possible.


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      Yeah bring back Mcoin and Boku too, where the *** are they


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        Bring back spice girls too.
        Five Sylphs for the Heros in wartune,
        Two for the Whales in their deep blue ocean,
        Three for Mortal Men doomed to die,
        One for the Big Whales on their dark throne
        In the Land of Wartune where the heroes lie.
        One sylph to crush them all, One sylph to kill mobs,
        One sylph to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
        In the Land of Wartune where the Moby duck lie."


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          Yeah that too ! Any meember of the staff to explain this?