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ASTRALS + BG-Chest DROP RATES Collection & Results

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  • ASTRALS + BG-Chest DROP RATES Collection & Results

    EDIT: 2nd Version Reports are already published below!!

    Hey guys, I am starting the collection of data for ASTRAL DROP RATES and, also BATTLE GROUND CHEST DROP RATES, so for those people who want to support in the collection of data please post here the data and I will collect and make the analysis / conclusions / graph for it. (I am already doing it myself).

    It will work the same way as the SPIRE CHEST DROP RATES which I already did 2 reports with the help of many people - that thread is still ongoing with a target of 1000 chests located HERE in the forum if you want to support or HERE in my blog.

    For ASTRALS please only put at least 50 per go to make my copying life easier. Please use below format and put the numbers:
    Grey - ##
    Green - ##
    Blue - ##
    Purp - ##
    Orange - ##

    For BG CHEST any input is good as it is hard to come by. Let's target at least 100 chests for good conclusion.

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    block post for results posting

    Hey guys great news! I have finished preparing the 2nd Version of the Drop Rates for the Battle Ground Chest! Looks really good but we can improve further.
    Anyhow, here below you see the report based on 33 chests so far. I target to get this to 100 chests for better accuracy.

    Hey guys, here is already Version 1 of the Drop Rates Battle Ground Chest so you can have an idea what it will start to look like

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      hi, just to clarify as some people asked me for the ASTRALS you do not have to click on the 1st star all the time or anything special like that - just click always the best star you have and then there are 16 that fit the window so just count how many green/blue/purp and the rest is misfortune naturally. So if you are spending several hundred thousand gold or some millions is cool, but don't bother with only 5-6 astrals

      and for the BATTLE GROUND chest - any number, even 1 chest result, is ok as it is relatively hard to get.


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        Hey guys, following the publishing of the 2nd Version of Battle Ground Chest drop rates I have also finished preparing the 2nd Version of the ASTRALS drop rates which I am publishing below. I think the report looks really good and finally gives a good picture of the percentages for astrals in Wartune, so people don't have to fight anymore how good or bad it is or maybe they still will

        Anyways this is Version 2, I want to have much more data still, probably at least 10,000 astrals data!!
        So here is the report ASTRO or ASTRALS Drop Rates v2:

        Hey guys, I made the Version 1 of the Drop Rates of ASTRALS so now you can see how that looks like and maybe it motivates you to help with the data collection. I already posted it on my blog HERE as i usually post things there first, but to quote from there:

        "You see I already added the red astral but we do not have yet information about it, it is expected to arrive early May. I also added a bunch of other info just to help more. You see that indeed half is grey or misfortune and then the rest is mostly green with some blue. Few purple and no orange or yellow astrals in this run of 560."

        and the report I also post here below:

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          Grey - 154
          Green - 113
          Blue - 30
          Purp - 5
          Orange - 1

          This is one WB run for me, a bit lucky with that yellow.

          BG chests:

          Lvl 2 Charisma Gem
          Lvl 3 Charisma Gem


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            thanks, with your input it becomes 863 astrals and even with that 1 orange it only gets a 0.12% chance, so looking good! thanks again - hopefully more people will post data!

            thanks also for the BG chests!


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              3 chests
              1 lvl 3 pdef gem
              1 lvl 3 mdef gem
              1 lvl 2 patk gem

              Since reaching LD and carting i have noticed lvl 3 gems are very common in chests


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                I don't want to insult people, but this feels like one of the rare threads that actually belongs to 'Game Discussion' as I'd like it. So I'd like to contribute. But I'm not sure if I'll clutter this too much by posting results for every chest separately. So I'll try to do astrals, as nobody seems to like those.

                For now, the only thing I've got for you is:

                1 chest:
                10 soul crystals

                EDIT: Astrals:

                Grey - 211
                Green - 158
                Blue - 50
                Purp - 4
                Orange - 0

                This is what I got from the 1st boss today. Doing this is kinda time consuming. I'll try doing it a few more times, but hopefully someone else can too.
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                  I also thought this was very interesting Wicked, I am actually surprised that so low interest is shown on positive threads like this here and a lot of interaction is happening on all those negative complaining threads.

                  Anyways, the good news is that with your and others' support we now have now:
                  for BG: 31 chests data
                  for Astrals: 1286 astrals data

                  But I'd like to get more data before publishing Version 2. Would be great if more data is posted so I can publish Version 2 tomorrow or latest Sunday.

                  Thanks again


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                    BG chest:
                    lvl 3 MATK gem

                    Unfortunately, I'm not spending gold on astrals right now so can't help you there for a while. Hope you get your data.


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                      Grey - 170
                      Green - 97
                      Blue - 34
                      Purp - 3
                      Orange - 0

                      Unfortunately no orange/yellow this time (although I got 3 of them some time ago, so I hope for more in the future )


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                        Originally posted by lareth View Post

                        Grey - 170
                        Green - 97
                        Blue - 34
                        Purp - 3
                        Orange - 0

                        Unfortunately no orange/yellow this time (although I got 3 of them some time ago, so I hope for more in the future )
                        Thanks lareth!
                        I just posted the 2nd version using your data also, check it out on the first page


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                          Hello, there are my today's results:

                          Grey - 243
                          Green - 197
                          Blue - 80
                          Purple - 8
                          Orange - 0
                          Red - 0


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                            a suggestion on astral:

                            why do it this way, on first planet what are the chances of getting misfortune,green and blue; on 2nd planet; on third misfortune,green,blue violet; on 4th upto orange and 5th til red

                            casue i think your method is i think irrelevant to it.. its because upgrading planets has chances too