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Suggestions for medalion longre time that 7 days!

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  • Suggestions for medalion longre time that 7 days!

    Medalion itmes must get more that 6-7 days at higre lvl now after we have lose one GB time a weak.

    Many hade only Sat to play and can not play all 3 GB every weken.

    That but the Shards for 60 set + keep renew the Medalion you dont get more that 3-4 shards a weak, for Medalion still eat up must of the benafithent for renew it.

    And if man missing GB some days a weak is close man dosent even have to 1 max 2 Shards a weak + try renew the medalion.

    The Time should get aless 10 days for same price for give us back the same some play 4 GB or 3 GB if man lose some of them becouse of works, schools or what we now do at the days.

    you still need 12.000 insigiens per 60 legendary itmes. And man have maby 6k me arena + GB 2000+ i self pay 2200 per weaks and shards coste 800 is 1600 for 2 and if man meet Kong server so man lose some turns in the arena man relly come behind alot.
    Same as now
    10 days
    15 days
    20 days
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    Originally posted by dwmedia View Post
    Many hade only Sat to play
    Well... if someone who plays only one day/week can renew its medaillon, I don't see the problem.
    If you can't spend time on a game, it's normal that you have difficulties getting top items!
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      Suggestion: Improve your English if you wanna post here in English.
      Alternative suggestion: Write in your native Swedish language.
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        I agree with Condor here. Your English is unbearable sorry. Not trying to be mean here but if you can't write in English to the point where it is understandable at least. Then post in your native language. I am sure someone can help you out here as I seen many people post in their native language before. Anyways though to get to the point from what I could understand is you want the meds to be extended longer than 7 days right? Well insigs are extremely easy to get and the top ones like Lord Divine and Imperial are way too OP to be longer than 7 days. So meds should stay the way they are otherwise it be even more broken.