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transfer character to a differant server

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  • transfer character to a differant server

    i would like to see this in the game

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    Same here, I would pay almost any amount of balens, my server is getting so boring, fighting same people in arena and in wilds, seems that if S4 is not going to be included in any server merges, this would fit the bill. I know its either this fantastic option or get S4 somehow included in a merge. And I know a lot of people do not like merges or this idea, but I know I have spent over $500 just on my toon to get it where it is now. This should be a one time option, give us a chance to experience another server without loosing what I have worked so hard to get what I currently have.


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      I agree with this also. I would also like a chance to move my toon or have a merge with another server. There is 1 dominate guild on S4 and it is getting very boring not having a chance to fight new people or have the opportunity to win against the other team to become the top team for the week. I have also spent quite a bit of money on my toon to get where I am and would like to be able to advance more with new players, or other players I should say. Whether it is paying balens or large amounts of gold as some can not afford balens, please consider this suggestion.


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        Well... transferring on a newer server would be unfair for the newer server players.
        Which restrain to older servers. I don't know what this would produce, but... well, too many players only want to be in the top guild of their server, and this may lead to more "one guild-server", where those guilds are harder and harder to fight.
        Sanctum, you will fall, one day. But i'm not sure this could happen with players changing server.
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          Would love this but due to the fact strong people can just xfer over to a new server and take it over makes it sorta a bad idea. However, since R2 being dumb and merging new servers with old ones. So it is basically the samething. They might as well implement this idea anyway. A lot of mmos have world/server xfers for a cost. Even WoW has realm xfers. I am sure if they made some tweaks and adjustments to it they can figure out how to do this.


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            Problem is, the database is linked to the character on a specific server. It's just how the database is coded. Some games tie the database to the account, not the character, so floating around is possible there.

            Unfortunately, this is one of those things that just won't happen here.
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              I see eventhough it's allowed for transferring char between servers, there will be some strict rules, maybe will cost big, automatically guild-less (and guild skills), reset friendlist w/ friendliness, reset farm level, reset academy skills, reset troops and reset building levels?


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                Them should can select server

                if like me play at S100 i can select a free server frome S1 to S100 not a newer server like S101 or higre that 100.

                But i guess all server have only one dominate guild and one guild some do something rest is dead easy march.

                Becouse all the top players allways joine Nr1 guild for not come behind in Soul LVL and Mount Train.

                my guild have closed take in more people for not kill S100 again.

                Is just that us guild need to stop take members some applay cancel all the applays for not kill the server.

                Personly i think is for many servers at R2Games them die out fast. for keep it up R2Games need problie do a Server merg me all server every 2 weeaks for keep it up and run.

                After som weaks after merg its become like before 1 other guild is okey but not strong enogut for win over the dominated guild. And them Rank 3 guilds lesser try applay to Rank 1 and 2 Guilds and them other guilds die out.
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                  and some server will be desert with this (i know the server dont need this to already be desert lol)


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                    I think ML said this won't happen in this game...

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                      Originally posted by Barbarossa View Post
                      I think ML said this won't happen in this game...
                      the let 7Road insists R2 for the option
                      (still stubborn about this )


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                        I would like to see this too seeing as how im on the US east coast side, and i didnt know there were diffrent areas for servers when i joined and ended up getting on a EU server, talk about not being able to do events or be around much people kinda quiet...


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                          I disagree with this at 1000 m %


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                            would pay to move server but they should prevent u from joining younger servers then the one your on


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                              Originally posted by Phate123 View Post
                              would pay to move server but they should prevent u from joining younger servers then the one your on
                              It doesn't really matter really now. Since R2 is being dumb and merging younger servers with older servers. It's going to happen either way. Might as well allow this now.