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  • VIP token

    When the vip trial is gone,we not balen users wastes our prize in completing the quest for 2vip tokens,we
    cannot use them,then why make the vip token still can be used even were not VIP.or why dont you just change the vip tokens into Tokens for a Non Balen user Wheel of Fortune

    my point is. Make the VIP token more Useful not just for balen users.its a Full of waste when we nonbalen users cant use them

    Please Change it

  • #2
    You can use them though, you hit the sell button and you get gold for them.

    In this game there are numerous things that you get that are useless and need to be sold for gold.
    Lv1 + 2 crystaloids from the Crypt - sell for gold
    lower level gear from Campaign/MP and wilds treasure chests - sell for gold.

    I don't see anyone posting about these items

    And for your information being VIP is something totally different to being a balen user.
    I am VIP but not a balen user, so could I use both the VIP wheel and the non Balen Wheel of Fortune as you suggest adding?

    If you want to use the VIP tokens, then become VIP.

    Finally, have a look around the forum and see how many posts are already posted about this topic already. Another thread is not needed on this subject at all