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  • Game Suggestions and ideas for the future.

    After having been an avid player for 2 months now, there are a few things that seriously need addressing. Which I think will stop people from switching servers (Maybe) and give players more of a chance as well.

    1) Battlegrounds : As it stands right now the level range is all wrong, it should be either 35-45 to follow the PvP gear, or it should be 30-34 and 35-39 to give players a feeling that they are not easily being picked on. Yes I am guilty of picking on the weaker players, but as a Guild Leader who often sees people quit the game in frustration is huge.

    Also in battlegrounds the protectors need massive amounts of health, so players can't kill them at all. They should be there to protect people from camping at the spawn areas. And hopefully reduce the frustration that a lot of the lower level players are getting.

    2) Guild Battles : There needs to be a few different maps here, just to break up the battle a little. Also as with the Battlegrounds, the area between the ward tower and spawn area needs to be either protected or opposition can't go past the ward tower. I see so many of the smaller guilds just not turn up because of the stronger player domination.

    Which now brings me to another point, a lot of players want to do the Guild Battle and the limit of 50 begins to become a problem for some Guild Leaders. So Maybe 2 Guild Battles can go on, not sure how this will actually work but for lower level players and one for higher level players would make the game a little more fun all players as well. Probably needs more thought but something really needs a change here as well.

    The game is very geared towards us spending money to power our toons with, I don't have a problem with this but there are a lot of players who just can't compete with players who are cashed up. This also drives players away in droves, and again why we have so many server merges. I would like to see players given the opportunity to compete on equal grounds, in other words there needs to be away that if they want to put the time into to something they get rewarded with the things that cashed up players get. Again I am not sure how this would work, or what could be done here either. But something again needs to hold someones interest in the game rather than just reward players for spending physical money.

    I only make that suggestion, because more players might pay 7.99 a month which would mean r2 still gets their money for the game.

    Having played the game for 2 months, it wont be long before over 60% servers are closed and reduced to players no longer playing the game. Which is a shame as it is a fun game, and R2 does deserve some money for it, but under the current model it is no longer working.