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Make Maintenance Threads Closed

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  • Make Maintenance Threads Closed

    Even though i searched the forums on this, i could not find a previous thread with this suggestion, so my apologies if there is an existing one:

    I propose that R2 Admin/Mods make their Maintenance announcement threads closed ones, so as to avoid all the spamming that takes place each week, as all the information needed is given, even a link to join the live chat where you can find out from other users what you don't already know.

    There are always useless posts like "when will the servers be up again" and "how much longer R2?" not to mention those that are completely unrelated to the thread but simply serve to whine about this and that and quite frankly, this could all be avoided with a simple option that is to remove the option for people to reply to the said thread from the start.

    I am in no doubt some will see such announcements as their platform for "I am going to quit if..." type of thread and for crying injustices and so forth and so I would see such action as a remedy against all those ills. Also this would give the mods and admins fewer headaches, having less nonsense to deal with.

    I said my peace.