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Clothing interfering with Health bar/HP issue.

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  • Clothing interfering with Health bar/HP issue.

    May have been suggested before but...

    I have noticed when doing MP Dungeons, Group arena etc, depending on the formation of a team, clothing can block/hide/get in the way of the HP/Health bar of another player. This is quite annoying because mage's can not tell if a player needs to be healed or not, and sometimes resorts in a player going down (being killed). It would be helpful to have some sort of information on the screen during the battle displaying all players HP/Health. For example, at the top or to the left of the screen when in battle, a list of the players names within the team and their HP is displayed. Nothing to big to distract or clog up the screen, just something small so that we can be aware of all players HP, instead of struggling to see.

    Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but a few times I have seen people say the same. It's not a huge issue, just a minor one, but it would be helpful if it was added.

    Sorry if anyone disagrees, just a suggestion!
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    +1 I have had this problem many times.

    Not just the mage not seeing what is going on, but those massive wings (lv4) block out whole characters from view if you happen to be above them


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      Good idea.
      I loved when they moved our buffs/debuffs over the skill bar, and, well, I'm no mage, but I think it's as important for them as the buffs.
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