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Tired of whiners in bg 50 + learn2play first then whine

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  • Tired of whiners in bg 50 + learn2play first then whine

    Are you tired pf ppl who leveld in week to 50 lvl and have only 20-25 k br only, who get killed all time during bg and then you are coward noob seems that they dont understand that some ppl are playing for few months now..they just wanna be strong as you in week or so, and when they fail they quit but b4 that they curse you, its R2's fault coz they are weak, they dont make enouh gold and daru in wb event etc..ppl if you still dont understand this game takes time to make your char strong..
    I think that they should first learn 2 play..and understand that lvl doesnt mean power..
    I will be happy to kill that kind of players anytime..

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    imo you only can level fast if u have the wallet to buy strenght via gems and all the goodies, getting high fast only ends up in getting owned repeteadly in BG as the OP say which can be aggravating lol.

    but on the 50-60 bracket i'd say 30k is a good head start so ppl arent cannon fodder for the usual destroyers, it doesnt take long to get full sets of lv4-5 gems on
    equipment, full sockets and all that, you can either get high fast and stop then build your char or go slow + build strenght on the way, the second one will come out better (cap honor rank on 30-40 bg then jump to 40-50 and so on).


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      I know that..I am "bully" if u want it that way..but I see ppl who I kill with 2 hits..I mean really in lvl 50-60 bracket..and then I am noob, b*tch, etc..they lvld too fast i now are fodder and thats like my fault..
      and then they leave coz its "stupid game, u cant do nothing, u cant farm nothing..etc.." its everybodys fault, not theirs of course..I even saw lvl 52 mage with lvl 35 pvp set.But they dont understand that they are really to weak..and I dont get what are they expcet when they join in bg.. -.- Just saying I will farm them and I will do it happily coz when I see them its like they are calling me to kill them.. HS ulti slasher = dead, now you resist that temptation..


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        lol its not your fault they are 52 with 35 set (wow), if they wanna go that way then just farm honor off em like no tomorrow


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          last night i saw a mage wearing lvl35 set in lvl50-59 BG braket..., it drives me nuts when i saw he has 50K BR.
          roaring and killing all in his path.
          obviusly he just disguise.