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loading failed after merger

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  • loading failed after merger

    guys can you help me..??
    why me can't log in in wartune after MT..??
    text appears always loading failed if I log in!!!

  • #2
    me to i cant log in either havent been able to all day keeps saying log in failed and redirecting me back to main page whats going on??????


    • #3
      i also have the same problem ... need a solution too


      • #4
        I also am having this problem I sent in a ticket and got the standard we don't care response which was "clear your cookies cache and history and try again" ty bend over kiss your own behind cause we really dont care.

        I have cleared my , cookies, cache and even switched too the google dns too see if i could log in that way, no beans its a server side problem but hey its R2 they really dont care so I might find a game where im a little more appreciated.