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World Boss Lag

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  • World Boss Lag

    I'm sure I'm not the only person who lags monstrously during world boss battles and I thought perhaps there would be a way to reduce this (forgive me if something like this has been suggested before). I think it is rather pointless that we have to see all the other players in the World Boss staging area as the battle itself is really a solo event. I'm sure the amount of lag produced by having to load and update the avatars of everyone in this area causes huge lag (speaking for myself it generally takes me my entire respawn time just to walk back to the boss if not longer which costs me time I could be using fighting). And while I'm not certain, I would think that this same pointless use of data loading people also causes lag inside the boss fights which totally throws off my timing of my attacks.

    Thus I would suggest that you introduce an option in settings that allows us to change whether or not other players are displayed in the World Boss events. (Hardly unprecedented, especially in browser MMOS - see crystal saga, tamer saga or any such game)