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    Why does every character I play have the same problem in the battlegrounds? When I kill someone, I am attacked immediately, and die from someone lesser then me, because I cant restore, yet, when I try to attack someone that just got out of battle, I am told they under a protection? Why arent I under a protection, when I finish a battle? Everyone sees me fighting, and knows I am low on HP, but when I try to the same to everyone else, they are under protection. I mean I literally kill someone, and before my screen can change I am in battle again. Yet when I see someone fighting and camp them, I have to wait about 30 seconds to attack them once they are out of battle, giving them time to restore. This happens with my 55th lvl character and my lower ones. Constantly.

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    I believe it's lag due to slower loading or your clicking to move and you click on someone right when the fight is over.