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What a joke battleground and merge has become

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  • What a joke battleground and merge has become

    The biggest enjoyment out of this game, for me at least and many other I suspect, is the challenges generated by pvp play as well as the quests; most always overcome by the way we build and equip our avatars with perhaps a little of luck in drops, guild blessings and vip wheels. That said however, parts of the gatme like battleground have become a serious joke, but not one that generates a laugh or even a chuckle R2 did us all a good turn when they changed bg so that players had at least a chance to collect both honor and insignia through a tier system that encompassed a range of levels A level 50 for example, with the right equipment and build had at least a chance to defeat someone at levels 51, 52, 53 & 54. However, reach level 60 & 61, and you are thrown to the wolves as you find yourself battling players 8 & 9 levels above you with 10, 15 or 20k more br than you have. And that's not even taking into account the fact the vast majority of these power players have NO armor, weapon, helm, brooch, jewel or ring slotted while in bg, so their actual br is considerably higher. Even dryads blessings in these battles have become a joke as they prove worthless in overcoming the disparity of br; all displayed by the laughable announcements of such and such "is on a killing spree or such and such is a God," when in truth all power these players are killing other players whose br is 10k and more less than they have.

    Rather than levels, bg should in my opinion, be played by tiers established by battle ratings rather than level; each tier encompassing a range of br without regard to the player's level. A level 62 player under this system with a br of 55k or more (yea there are a few of those) would find themselves battling equals whose level might include level 70 players or a level 70 player with a lower br might find themselves battling level 67 players as an equal. This not only makes the game fairer, but makes the game (or at least this portion of the game) one not only of power and brute force, but skill It would set Wartunes a part from other games even more by balancing skill with power, regardless of whether that power was purchased with balens by those who can afford them and give everyone a chance in that portion of the game where pvp is mandated and not a choice. In this style of play, get rid of the dryad's blessing as there would be need for them as the playing field would be essentially level.

    Also in bg, why is it that when you are attacked and happen to win the battle you are penalized hp points? You were the one attacked, defended your honor and your team by defeating the attacker who unwisely chose you as their target. This makes no sense at all, for even as you gain additional honor by defeating your attacker, you are at the same time penalized for winning the fight and put to a disadvantage when attacked again, especially by someone you would have beaten easily otherwise.

    And last the merger. This last merger was to say the least, a disaster in the making. For players, whether they put real money into the game or not, all the hard work and time they put into their hero became meaningless when you consolidate players from an older server onto a newer server where players have played in a much smaller time frame and haven't had the chance to develop their hero as much. World Boss, where one ranked among say the top 30 in damage and managed to achieve the 1% mark to receive the reward for doing so are not finding themselves out of the running completely and seeing not only their damage fall off sharply, but their rewards as well. As it stands, the mergers as they now occur penalize newer players on newer servers and reward older ones on older servers in nearly every aspect of the game. All the "event" rewards in the world given to players does not mitigate this shortcoming.

    Has anyone from r2 ever thought of taking the number 1 and perhaps even number 2 or 3 guilds on each server when a merger takes place and putting them on a "champion" server? Just a thought, but let power stand against power while letting the rest of the guilds merge onto their own separate server and let them battle it out for the number one position before the next merge occurs? Then repeat the process on the next merge and so on, and retain a level of fairness that does not penalize newer guilds and players by increasing the number of power guilds over them? Just a thought. thanx Ani