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Stop complaining about the world boss

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  • Stop complaining about the world boss

    Ever since the world boss health has increased, people have been complaining that the damage percentage has gone down, and it's not fair.

    Actually the percentage is correct. our world boss now has 389 million hp. If you do 10 million damage to the world boss you will only do 2.5% damage.

    Then people were saying that the defense should be increased instead of the health. However in order to do that, you would need to increase its power in turn. Making you die more quickly and still get low damage %.

    Like they say, every action has an opposite reaction.

    Its all basic math, so stop complaining about it being unfair. If anything they should reduce the percentage needed to get the bonus to .5%
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    if u do 10mill dmg to a 389mill boss, that's almost 3% dmg, not 0.25%.

    Please think be4 attempting to troll.


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      How is being sensible trolling? and sorry for the error, it has been fixed


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        I don't think the OP was trying to troll anything...
        Someone might need to see what being a troll is...

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          Originally posted by Littlelyseria View Post
          if u do 10mill dmg to a 389mill boss, that's almost 3% dmg, not 0.25%.

          Please think be4 attempting to troll.
          389,000,000 / 100 = 3890000 (1%)

          3,890,000 x 3 = 11,670,000 or 3,890,000 x 2.50 = 9,725,000

          So what is 10mil damage closer too, 2.5% as originally stated or your proposed 3%?? Actual percentage works out around 2.57%

          Highlighted your own advice for you!
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            maby you WB hp invrase or WB get kills in no time after merge but like always R2 dev team forget wonder that ther do other then translet the game.


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              hey i didnt do the actual math, just an aproximation lol


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                the point I am trying to make is, everyone is complaining that getting 1% is nearly impossible now. which is true however based on the math, the percentage is correct. The only way to make everyone happy is to reduce the bonus requirement to .5%