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New Skill Please!!

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  • New Skill Please!!

    skills is kinda boring so can you put new element skills aside from lightning and fire? i really love ice so i hope new element will be added on the next wartune update.. ^_^
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  • #2
    yep, I want new skill tree too ^^

    It is quite boring to see the same action for several months

    elements like ice, water can be added
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      Should be awsome me more elements so not every singel one have in princip same skills setup.

      Relly boring if man check all archer them just use same skills as me no diffrens.

      Should be awsome to see people play me diffrens setups
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        As a mage I already have a BBQ fest every time I fry an opponent. Why not complete the dinner with some nice ice cream?! Whoop!!