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Guild Battle expansion suggestion....

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  • Guild Battle expansion suggestion....

    Hello all

    Can we set the guild battle to have two fronts?Like battle grounds, one is for the low lv(39 below) one for the high lv(40+). That way the tower will not be hogged by the high lvs(over powered ones). It will make the low lvs happy as well as they could do what the high lv are doin,play important roles in guild battle.Balancing it , i suggest cutting the points the towers give,the higher lv towers giving more tough ( 7/13 if its 20 total).

    They will be defending the same guild tower, for both low and high lv area.Guild skills will work only in the high lv area, the low lv are good on their own .Low lv area will have up to 25 participants only,who would like to stay low lv forever anyways =D ...

    The top 10 players will be for both fields.

    What do you guys think?

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    What about the guilds who don't have low lvl players? Or if they have, they are maximum 5-10? They will lose the GB because they have only high and strong players? Haha...GB shows the power of guilds, and this power doesn't stay in low lvl but in high lvl. Just my oppinion.