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Guild Tournament arena

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  • Guild Tournament arena

    So have idea about new instance in Wartune. everyone has more or less problems with guild wars - what hapens between guilds. But maybe there should be something inside guild. like tournament. But only thing it will be only between guild members.

    • B] guild tournaments is between only guild members
    • only one guild member tournament
    • u need to be in that guild to participate
    • u need to win fight to move forward in rankings
    • and every week get some prizes for ranking -like insignia, gold, daru.[/B]
    [B]Server : S1 Temple of Ibalize
    Character: Lanankuras
    Class: Archer
    Guild : Havoc

    well real good games arent so much there.
    And wartune is not rpg - its more Political game

    Life is like an Ilusion , what you perceive depends on you