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Astral system needs to be fixed

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  • Astral system needs to be fixed

    Simply put, the amount of misfortunes is ridiculous and the rate of misfortune should be lowered to make it realistic for many players to do astrals and achieve a good amount of results for their gold spent. I have been doing astrals for about 5 months of playing and I have seen a huge difference in the rates of misfortunes. This is helping to make achieving high level astrals more of a pain than it ever should be

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    Again, why does everyone want it to be so easy ? Astral are fine as it is. nothing comes free.

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      astrals are so easy i dont know what ur talking about lol.


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        Originally posted by AnimeLover912 View Post
        astrals are so easy i dont know what ur talking about lol.
        +1 to that...

        what need to be when u use the auto-click capture button the misfortune's don't give it has to be made manually witch is a totally nonsense since u have VIP for that.


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          Well the OP is correct in his statement that the drop rates have been silently reduced. It was indeed a lot easier in the past to get higher level astrals. Either they just decided to quietly reduce the drop rates because we were getting too much or they corrected a mistake in the formula to come to the correct amount (like the correction of the illusion astral). In any case the company has made that decision and there is nothing anyone can do about that.

          That said I see very often empty statements like "all misfortune", "misfortunes is ridiculous", etc, which are pure nonsense. As all the people above said even with the reduced drop rates astral are just fine and everyone is able to get high level astrals using their daily income. And if you want to talk about FACTS and not empty words then go look at the STATISTICAL drop rates in THIS thread where I did the actual work on figuring out the rates and not empty words.

          Conclusion: enjoy the game, smile, don't complain about small issues