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All players lets stop buy balens !!

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  • All players lets stop buy balens !!

    They still havent fix the problems with stuck in 7/16 or the black screen problems, but still they keep push out new servers..

    Really what is this **** company!

    I recomend all too stop buy balens and mabye then they start do something about the problems, becusse all they think of is the damn money..

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    its all about money !!!

    You have to think it like this... its problem that affects only few and mostlike very hard to find what causes it and thus fix it.

    these games are disinged to make new servers every week and merge old ones to max profit.


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      Just bc you recommend this won't make it happen. You can't control. everyone in the world to stop buying balens and unless you can get more than 50% people to stop buying balens it won't hurt the company much at all. Setting up rallies like this won't do anything sorry to say. You are just wasting your time trying to gather people as you can't control the minds of others. If people want to continue to buy then they will no matter what you say.


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        i have black screen too . but i fix it with new flash player, new shockwave player, and also new mozilla firefox, last. clear cache. if still not work. then it will be your connection problem, you should change your DNS using software "DNS Jumper" , first try flush your DNS first to resolve host cache. and if still not work. try fast DNS. that's all i can help you with this black screen.

        NOTE : actually flush DNS always work to clear this black screen. after flush refresh your browser. if yes the problem is from this server. the r2games will know it. and fix it. every day them all test the server. and don't have problem like that. sorry i'm not the worker or ppl from r2games. i just give you opinion so you can play with us without lagging
        Server :[S147] Esterwitch
        Name Char : Surya91
        Guild : Shadows

        if you think serious for this game, you wrong. then you don't have funs. it's not depending how you are, weak or strong is needed. for weak :) as you have your family on your guild. you'll be happy. little by little your power. it show no time when you make fun to your family. and what the hell i talking about. bla bla bla. . . just fun :rolleyes: