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  • Battleground

    I don't know about anyone else, but until R2 does something about bg, I'll drop in to complete the quest and promptly exit. Like anyone else, I don't like to lose, but understand and am comfortable with knowing that in playing a game or any game that you can't win all the time. That said, I don't mind losing when the playing field is at least marginally level when the player I engage or who engages me in pvp has an equal chance of winning. It's called friendly competition. I do mind though, when forced to fight in pvp a player whose hero is so well developed that I have no chance of winning the fight as is the case forced on many of us in battleground. In battleground for level 60 or above, everyone is thrust into the same field so not only are you vying with players of your own ranking, but those whose rank far exceeds you not just n levels but in br. Losing to someone who is six levels or more above you with 15k or more br than you possess makes bg an exercise in futility when you work to help your team win while gathering the rewards your are striving for i.e. honor and shards. As I've posted before, with such a disparity in br, dryad's blessings are absolutely worthless, so what's the point when you are open to being repeatedly attacked by the same player, some of whom have no clue as to what gamesmanship is, or care about the fact that while they are accumulating as much "honor" or having the greatest number of "kills" as they can (usually by repeatedly attacking players with 10k more br less than they possess, their side or team is losing. Not that it's necessarily their fault as R2 fails to address this in favor of their business model, more concerned with the money rolling in than keeping their game enjoyable and challenging but not impossible. The problem with this business model is that it invariably and inevitably grows old as the "fun" of the game loses its allure and players seek other games in which fair competition and enjoyment are as much or almost as much a priority as the bottom line. Any number of "play for free while we induce you to spend your hard-earned money" games have come and gone, including some that were for a brief window in time, "The" game to play. How long will it be before Wartunes loses its' appeal and disappears and joins the list of now defunct games that no one remembers?

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    You're getting done to yourself what you did to others while lvl 49. We all do it, and we all get it done to us. It's called, incentive, level your tune to the lvl you are at.


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      If you know what you were talking about, you might have a point. However, to generalize "we all do it," is to say the least a fallacious argument and doesn't address an in game issue that many of us have addressed here and that R2 either is unwilling or is simply failing or refusing to address as they continue to do with many other issues. As far as incentive goes, I need no more than what I have in that compete not only with myself, but friends both in or outside my guild. Incentive alone however, will not overcome the disparity of br or excess levels in which you are forced by game design to vie with players who are totally above you in level or br and with whom you have no chance of winning despite having a stack of what are now worthless dryad's blessings. These power players need to have their own battleground.