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Retribution for Cowardly Tactics

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    try it when we leveled the new bg is cuddles i was lvl 40 getting wiped by lvl 70s in bg the new bg system isn't perfect but its alot better

    the reason i stay in the sands is im food to lvl 70 if i got to the best map area in the sands there is plenty of targets and a lot less high lvls that can hit me i do hit players below my lvl more ro gartee i get karinte plundering is the best source for this and its an expensive loss if u fail to plunder

    i normally try and not plunder the same people each day but if your giving away 100k plus for gold a hit that is the main reason for farming a person.
    its not bullying it that you are a cashpoint.

    if you are finding this the easy way is to drop down to the next map the gold loss from the mines is not much and you will be safer moving your city daily also prevents repeated plunders most people are lazy to go an look especially for you keep your gold banked in guild and repeat hits will slow down. the only exception to this is if your a **** on world chat to people or you r guilty of plundering some one with high friends.

    if a guild is get trashed by some one far higher ask in guildie a lot of people in there are normally happy to help casher the repat hitter


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      Wait till you get to 60. Then you move to Erandel. All the 70++'s are there.

      Now do you whine?
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        @Condor: Shhh... let him whine again later, it's one of the most relaxing kind of posts out there.
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