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how to check if a monster does matk or patk dmg?

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  • how to check if a monster does matk or patk dmg?

    how to check if a monster or boss deal patk or matk type dmg? other than putting a knight and mage side by side to see who got hit harder.

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    Interesting, very hard to tell. What you could do, especially if it is a place you can go to more than once like a campaign. Make your character heavy one on MDEF or PDEF and see if there is a change in the damage you take. Some it is pretty easy to see... they swing a huge sword prolly PATK, they cast a spell, MATK. But some are mixed. It's just pretty much a guessing game.

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      yup, i've ponder on that for abit now.. perhaps removing mdef and pdef astrals would be the easiest way to test it, but on some occasions for example in demon temple, its quite tough to tell. i been told that dt last boss does matk, and the aoe is matk too. but with having 2k(thats significant right?) less mdef than the mages, very frequently i get hit for less dmg than they do by the aoe.. it seems that the floating damage is too much to make it noticeable enough to determine if the dmg is matk or patk. so i just thought there should be an easier way to know what dmg type it does.


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        Easy. Take on/off astrals/gems to get large def/mdef difference .. Do you take more with mdef or pdef on?


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          well that's not so easy to do either.. depending on which mobs or boss are needed to be tested on. surely i can't go in spire without astrals or gems lol, that would drag the whole team down. and in mp would have ****** team mates off to do this if their exp scrolls are running. i guess what serrin says is probably the best i can have for now.. to "judge by its appearance" lol. i feel they should place a mini icon next to the mob/boss to indicate if it does matk/patk dmg or both.