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Guild Master / Asst. Master Group Chat

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  • Guild Master / Asst. Master Group Chat

    Would a group chat for Guild Master / Asst. Master be valuable to your Guild?
    I believe a group chat will help greatly in organizing events for Guild. Cut down on PM time, an miscommunication, gives a chance for stronger structure between Guild Master an Asst. Master. Easier to communicate in Guild Battles for strategy.
    Yes, would help Guild
    No, would not help guild

    The poll is expired.

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    Absolutely. There's no reason this would not help.


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      This will lead to Guild Masters/Assists thinking they are better than others. Deciding things without consulting the members or speak with members to get their opinion, or even setting up event times that suit their times rather than the majority.

      Use skype or another messenger if you really need to discuss things privately.


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        I agree an officer chat would be nice, as most MMOs having a guild mechanic have such a private chat implemented, for obvious reasons. When it comes to disciplinery measures to be taken, as per exemple, a member got rude / disrespectful to other players regularly, we must discuss about actions to be taken. Such discussion shouldn't be discussed in a guild as a whole, as some members can be friend with the said member, or he could have alts in the guild that would make the balance go in his favor.

        With that being said, as of our guild, we use a 3rd party program to communicate verbally, and has a chat feature where we can openly discuss that kind of stuff.

        For ElusionM comment: it's nothing about thinking being better than others. Managing a guild of over 100 members without such a tool would more than likely be not possible, as when it would come to taking decisions, it would SPAM the chat so bad, would lead to confusions / fights between members.

        +1 for an officer chat idea. Meanwhile, stick to a 3rd party program: Skype, mumble, teamspeak 3, ventrillo, raidcall, there is a lot of those available, some are also 100% free to use.

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