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Suggestion: Opting out of MPD and Spire Rewards

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  • Suggestion: Opting out of MPD and Spire Rewards

    Hi Team,

    I would like to see an option to proactively opt out of rewards on MPDs and the Spire (aside from being able to do the spire more than once), without losing an attempt. I like to help out my guildies in MPDs, and I can't help them without doing my own 3 runs first. That's kind of a pain because my normal group runs later at night, so I'm effectively stuck until we get ours done.


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    Been suggested before since 5 months ago (mpd rewards).

    Keep it coming. The developers might take an interest if we repeat enough.
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      I doubt it. Might work better if we can contact the developers themselves directly n harass them daily until they get it done. That will probably work better than any suggestions posted here.
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        Yea I would like to see this happen. I was in the same boat before where my typical group was on much later and I had to be a dbag to my guildies cause I needed my runs.

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          but none of the R2 moderators reply on ordinary topic?
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            Well....i don't like the idea...
            It's my standard excuse for not helping people i don't like but who still ask me for help. I don't want to lose it. And we told our guildmates who may need help to do their dungeons in the evening. Works well.
            A better reason is it would allow some "low-level carrying" in Spire. With 3 good players, it's easy to pass lv 7, and give 2.1M xp to any beginner.
            For standard MPD, why not. But not for Spire.
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              The spire concern is valid, but I don't see much downside from the MPDs...