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    Should make it downloadable will cut your lagg issues 75% and have your sever selection at the log in screen. I think this will make MANY players happy, And make the stableizers work for the Fashion cores as well please. and why does the Official site allowed to get free balens from surveys and the 2 sister sites cant. my suggestion i have helping in many other online line MMO's betas and alpha and i stumbled upon this one and its fun but can be improved in some areas

    Kabaam S:12 East Coast

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    Well... good idea.
    But this may be an issue for armor games//Kongregate//Kabam players. i don't know the terms of the agreement between R2games and those sites.
    Armor Games - S2
    Lv 65


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      It would be under the rights of the orgianl creator and people who play on them severs pay them severs have a DL fee of 10$ or something and its just a access gate like other online MMORPGS use the computer to hold the Hard Data needed and just send the info out ya kno