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Stamina gaining in Alter

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  • Stamina gaining in Alter

    Don't know if this is in here or not. How about making the Alter of Ennoblement like Blitzing where in we can gain our stamina while offline. I am not a really big fan of letting the game run for 2 hours straight so I can gain my 60 stamina. I would like the option to set it and go to work knowing that I will have some stamina when I get home to play with. If not then shorten the time required to get the stamina from 1 point every 2 min to 2 point every 1 min.

    P.S. yes I know there is a speed up option but some of us don"t buy Balens by the dump truck load to use as mulch in our cities. Lol

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    Gaining stamina offline is as good as not requiring time to gain stamina at all.

    You just go offline when you sleep and you wake up to full stamina
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      Well... Flash use a lot of resources, and letting it run for 2 hours without using it is a waste of energy.
      [Irony off] Well, the main problem is that it use so much resources you can't play another game while cultivating stamina unless you have a quite recent computer.

      There's already blitz do to at night, so... why not stamina... people will have to choose which one to do when sleeping, and which ones in the day.
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