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  • Best class for me

    Hi guys i have a question i want to cash like 150-200€ a month now ist my question which class will the best for me?

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    Originally posted by R211262471 View Post
    Hi guys i have a question i want to cash like 150-200€ a month now ist my question which class will the best for me?
    Depends what you want.

    Lots of people say that mage is the easiest class, knights are hardest, archers earn most gold & <insert more broad class statements here>

    cashing that kinda money really won't make difference - assuming you build right - you'll crush a lot of people regardless of class.
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      I have played a archer at level 40 at a other server and it seems like that archer really dominating is the end game the same?


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        the only non-cheating and non-haxxoring class is the honorable knight.... just sayin'.

        all other classes are to be reviled for the villains that they are.
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          200 euro a month i'd go tank! power house with that expenditure each month


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            ^^ i dont need to tank ^^ i living in berlin


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              Which class is the best? Balens is the best class!


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                ^^ yeah thats true ok ^^ i think i will stay at archer


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                  For that money I'd quit this game and find some better game which would be worth that amount.


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                    I'm pretty satisfied of the knight, and have a similar budget like yours for Wartune. Depending on how much time you also can invest along with the money, a knight seems best, short and long term. I left the game end of january, came back last month, still have descent battle rating (65k unbuffed) and not ruining myself. With athat budget don't expect hitting VIP 9 anytime soon though, I've been playing since September, and am vip 8 now.

                    Hope it helped!

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                      U can create a monster character of any class with that budget... however the question is what are u going for..
                      Here are some pros and cons of the classes according to me...
                      1. Knight :
                      PROS: Good in PvP from level 55 onwards
                      High defenses
                      Their enchanted block ability makes them stand a chance against their counter(mages)
                      Their skills have a good damage potential so they can strike hard too(again good in PvP)
                      Monster rage generation.
                      CONS: Very poor in gold and daru as they dont earn much in WB
                      Poor in BG as their inability to hit multiple targets causes them to take eternity to kill the high level troops
                      Poor in almost all the PvE events as all of them are damage based
                      Not really needed in the dungeons
                      Very weak in PvP in the early stage of their life(level 50-)
                      Horrible timings on their skills and lack of good multiple target skills... their aoe is horrible

                      2. Archers:
                      PROS: Extremely rich in gold and daru as they can earn tons more than a same powered knight or mage in WB
                      Having high damage causes them to excel in almost all the PvE events(necro, WB etc) barring catacombs as MDEF is needed there
                      Needed in the high level MP dungeons and also in high level NM dungeons as killing the enemy quickly is important there
                      Godlike in the early stages(level 45-)
                      CONS: Arguably the weakest class in PvP in the higher levels as they are stonewalled by knights and mages are also very tough.
                      Astrals are a bit lobsided against them... 1) they need to maintain two astrals to increase their damage while knights and mages can keep just one astral.. 2) An astral and trinklets are present which decrease the chance of receiving crits..
                      Low rage generation
                      They need to maintain a decent crit rating as crit is their source of rage generation hence their main stats can become a bit loose

                      3. Mages:
                      PROS: Extremely strong AoE skills
                      Very strong in PvP as the other classes have either low or medium MDEF
                      Are needed in almost all the MPDs and u'll be in demand all the time
                      Have a bunch of heals
                      Very strong in catacombs and can go very deep even at early levels
                      Godlike in BG(especially 60+) as they can completely annihilate the troops in two AoE's while others would be trying to kill their troops
                      Good in WB
                      Can spam lightning bolt to increase rage quickly
                      CONS: Have low HP and PDEF
                      Low rage generation
                      Weak in the early levels of necro and cata as the mobs are PDEF

                      So my recommendation is MAGE..
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                        Mage or archer. Knights are hard to play and have become less needed in dungeons. Archers are fun but they are the weakest in pvp unless you put a ton of money into them. If you play a mage you will eventually own everybody with low investment due to your aoe's taking out their troops and your magic attack. Knights and archers are weak agains magic attack so mage owns them both. The top 3 people on our server 2 are mages the others an archer.