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update the guild blessing wheel

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  • update the guild blessing wheel

    It is far overdue to update the guild blessing wheel

    in the beginning it was cute to get 2k daru, when you only needed a few thousand to get your upgrade, but whent he upgrades are in the millions or tens of millions, 2k daru doesnt cut it.
    same goes for level 8 luck stone getting sent out across the airwaves...level 8 luck stone is not that newsworthy, id rather have 400 vouchers, or 5 shadow crystal

    is there any way you can base the prizes on level instead of the wheel? Does a level 10 wheel pay out any different than a level 1 wheel? why not? it takes a lot to get it to level 10, at least some of the things should be increased

    and the mount whips...again when mounts came out it was a big deal to get one, now that you need hundreds to go up one small level, 1 is insignificant....time to add 2, or 5 whips to the wheel
    update the daru to minimum 20k, then 50, then 100k

    add a level 4 gem to the mix when a guild has a wheel that is level 10, again level 1 gems hardly worth it when someone is working on level 6 gems
    not the same when someone is working on level 3 gems....

    try and keep up with us
    we are willing to try it but the rewards have got to be improved or it will become a waste of cash....

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    I agree all the xp books, small amount of gold and daru, 1 whips, etc need to be removed or increased. Either that or change the contribution needed to like 10 or something bc using 20 for one spin just to get lvl 3 xp book or 2k daru is just dumb. I am not asking let it pop out socket rods all the time but increase the rewards of the other items. Maybe instead of xp books they should just have 50% scrolls and every once in awhile allow you to get a lvl 2 100% scroll. We get 50% scrolls for free anyway so i don't see why this is a big deal.


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      Good idea. But no shadow crystals! I hate those things, got over 400 already, and they annoy the **** out of me.


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        shadow crystals?
        I think that exp book is the worst gift


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          I love the shadow crystals since at 60+ it takes DAYS to gather enough for quest. If you are sitting on them then its because you are intentionally not lvling.


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            yes dump the xp books, totally worthless when the xp needed is in the 60-70 million range and you get an xp book for 1000 xp woohoo??!!

            should be scrolls or higher level books


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              Originally posted by R25457277 View Post
              I love the shadow crystals since at 60+ it takes DAYS to gather enough for quest. If you are sitting on them then its because you are intentionally not lvling.
              Nope, I just don't accept the quest.


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                EXP book lvl 3 is still alot bettre that 2k daru wen man need over 7.6 millions daru for upgrade the troops.

                And over 100 millions for Troops Enlighs. 2k man dosent even see man get the reward.
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                  yeah exp books are ****
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                    Hey can anyone help me here...I am the guildmaster. I have upgraded my guild to level three. but still in guild territory nothing is activated? Its just showing the image...can anyone help?