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Possible cheaters.. Check there br..

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  • Possible cheaters.. Check there br..

    i think.. its impossible to get those BR.. even you use alot of money.. stay level 59? how long? they said.. they stayd level 59 for long time.. its kinda impossible.. even you stay at 59.. you can still get exp from daily quests.. and what? they used 100,000 balens for there items? even you used potion..or scroolls.. you cant get 53k BR and 47k BR.. level 59.. please check them..
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    Did you really just make TWO threads about this?

    It's not impossible. I can stay at any level I want indefinitely, as I don't gain experience. So yes; it's very well possible they stayed at that level for weeks/months on end.


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      Lol possible, I got 51k br myself as lvl 59 archer.


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        And 2 threads for the same bullcrap >.<
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          lol chichi trying real hard ha desdes and beastly must be really slapping chichi around to make two threads