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  • 47-49s fights against party of 50+s

    Who can tell me why in arena party of 47 48 49 players meet party of 50s with there special abilities......its nonsens to ween in such occasion...& i want to ween only...i spent for this some amount of $s

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    Since long ago, there were level 40s parties matching up with my party, of 60s. I know it is unfair sometimes, but you will just have to deal with it.
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      Del wif it . When we are an arena group of 35-39 we faced an arena group of 55+, when we were a group of 40-44 we faced a group of 70+. As long as we face these high levels like 2-3 times per 30 arena attempt, am fine with it.


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        Same here, i made a group where i was highest lvl, 39, and we got all 45+ some of them had talents also. Good thing is that rarely hapens, maybe once in 30 runs...


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          Maybe the arena system is based on average BR... Who knows. Just avoid teaming up with "weak" people with high BR.


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            Originally posted by SirAlukah View Post
            Maybe the arena system is based on average BR... Who knows.
            No. It's (mostly) level, with, as this thread shows, an occasional mismatch.


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              One thing that I have noticed with the GA though is if I match up with 2 lvl 50s, I can usually get groups of lvl 50s. Not hardly fair for them though

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                I'd love to see Holy seal removed from Arena, So many fights where we are stronger, but the others have been playing longer, they've had more time to gain XP. I've only just hit HS lv 20 now... highest on my server =/ and I get stunned by the majority that try. Take out Holy seal and we'd win a lot more fights.