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Knight talent Tyrany

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  • Knight talent Tyrany

    The text of this talent says:

    Slasher has a chance to increase your skill damage by 3%, last 2 rounds.

    Is this all skill damage or only slasher?

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    all skills
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      I think it increases the damage of your crits...

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        Nope, I tested it and it increases normal dmg, not crit.


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          its just an texture fail.. it is for sure ur flat dmg that is being boosted.

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            So I can assume they ''fixed'' the text?
            Since at the beginning of teh Talents being released, the little icon said Crit once activated in battle
            Was the main reason I removed it right away, since I use will destroyer.

            So from reading this, can I re-use it again? :B
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              it still says critdamage i think, its just that it has never been critdamage but all damage.

              for those who are interested i can tell you how this can be tested even though its such a small increase in damage. In Wartune, if your damage range is lets say 9000-11000, it wont roll 1 out of 2000 possible damage values, but instead there will be only about 20? possible values like 9051,9152,9253,9354 and so on. if you fight the same enemy with the exact same stats over and over again, you will start seeing the same values multiple times and can make a list of all possible outcomes. now if you try this again with the Tyrany buff you will see different values than before even if its not a crit. so we know that it applies to normal damage too
              However, when i tried this it looked like the damage isnt exactly 3% higher. thats because the new value didnt match any of the old values*1,03. maybe it gets applied before taking the enemie's defence into account or whatever... i didnt bother trying to find out, i was satisfied knowing that it works on normal damage too and not only crits .
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