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vip for balens or vip payed with handy

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  • vip for balens or vip payed with handy

    Rofl you are running the only game world wide which is only accepting paypal or banking card for getting vip.
    ALL!!!!!!! Other games offer an payment method like paying with balens (in Ragnarok for example you can buy Warpenergy and invest them in Kafra Points for ingame cash items or invest them in vip) OR!!!!! you can pay with mobile phone per sms for but here?????
    DAMn only this stupid paypal and banking card system...what is this?
    A game running by no serious company?

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    Play since 3 weeks, and im searching for a methode too. To get VIP with Balens, but nothing found. Only Paypal, hate this thing. Prefer Paysafe. Greetz from Germany.


    • #3 try that link
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