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  • Banned for sharing

    I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of r2 banning people for sharing accounts? I know many do it give your log n info to someone so they can run mp for you and stuff like that, well I ask cause my close friend andf the guild master of our guild which also happens to be top guild on the server was banned for account sharing no warning no week ban a full ban and now he is out his account which had so much put into it, and a whole guild is stuck with no tree and altar or guil;d master for a week at least. Here is the kicker for me we have r2 employees that play on our server and I am pretty sure they had something to do with this by how they were acting, seems employees oplaying would be a conflict of interest

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    Conflict of interest or not, it is clearly stated in the TOS that account sharing is not tolerated. Same goes for trading accounts, or selling accounts.

    See it this way: you say you know someone who runs MPs playing someone else. When YOU miss your mps, you miss them, right? Think it is fair that someone can have that xp and you cannot? I think not. But that's me

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      Actually, I have, as it violates their Terms of Services in which you agreed upon creating an account.
      Shall that contract be breached, then R2 does not have to provide any notification in the future actions in which may or have been provided to the account.

      Under Ownership/Selling Virtual Accounts/Items located in the Terms of Service:

      R2Games does not recognize the transfer of Our Games Accounts or R2Games Accounts.
      If you wish, you may review the TERMS OF SERVICE.

      You are to cease and desist immediately if you were or were asked to provide a password to an account of which belongs to R2 Games, as all accounts created do not belong to us, it belongs to them. To clarify, this is also stated in the Terms of Service.

      Under No Ownership Rights in Account

      You acknowledge and agree that you shall have no ownership or other property interested in any account stored or hosted in an R2Games system, including without limitation any R2Games account or Our Games account, and you further acknowledge and agree that all rights in and to such accounts are and shall forever be owned by and inure to the benefit of R2Games.
      As stated by VicZar before,

      OK, cut the long reply.

      Why do we ban? Because SOMEBODY reported. And it is for the safety of the users. Bans are more for teaching people lessons not to just simply share their accounts.

      "Never share your accounts for your own safety, convenience, or your benefit, lest you know thy consequences".
      Sure, go ahead, share an account. If you're both happy and mutual and all the rainbows in between and peace shall reign supreme between you both, why not? I bet that there are hundreds of people who are sharing accounts right now.

      Why didn't they get banned? Simple: Nobody complained.
      Any further questions?


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        Well when u are an idiot who puts on the profile its someone else when the whole server knows u DO NOT have 2 accounts on it what do u expect


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          hmmm and don't I remember the OP posting he is Tank666... so who really would be to blame for someone getting caught????

          post for that info


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            was working on doin this
            Originally posted by R24902773 View Post

            hmmm and don't I remember the OP posting he is Tank666... so who really would be to blame for someone getting caught????


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              due to the nature of the issue and the thread, I am closing the thread, any concerns need to be resolved in a ticket with r2 admin
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