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wow you sure are quick to

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  • wow you sure are quick to

    close all threads regarding this as i said our guild master was banned and we feel it was unjust cause some people are looking for reasons to get the better players out of their way and they thought what he wanted em to think but would you really go blabbing your somerone else when the tos is very clerar the only thing he didnt count on was the nit picking of r2 employees does it make it true that i say im bugs bunny is that a violation as well Click image for larger version

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    I happen to know who you are discussing. Mods are not employees. We have no powers, no special abilities, no privileges in game. We get an edit button on the forums- that's the full extent of our "powers".

    Bans can only be issued by a member of R2 staff (a real employee, not a moderator) after an investigation (done by a real employee and the devs, not a moderator). Bans can only be discussed with the person who was banned through a ticket. So, if the banned person would like to discuss the ban, he or she will need to file a ticket.

    Further posts on this topic will result in your forum privileges being removed. If you wish to discuss that, feel free to send me a pm.
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