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Whole Guild contact method

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  • Whole Guild contact method

    This game REALLY needs to implement some sort of method for (AT LEAST) the Guild Master to contact their whole Guild. Something that DOESN'T cost balens.

    Seriously, why would you make something so important cost balens? it's incredibly hard to run a guild without an option like this because in a guild of 200 people (all with different schedules) it's just not possible to get the information you want to to everyone.
    You may argue that the "Guild Announcement" section is for this. I would disagree. The character limit is simply far too small to get anything of value into it. the same holds true for the "Guild Chat announcements" section. far too small.

    It's as if you're purposely trying to make it impossible to run a guild without spending all of your waking hours (and most of the hours you should be sleeping for that matter) at the screen.

    If it's a suggestion you're looking for, then take your current guild wide mail option, drop the balen cost altogether (because as i said, it's ridiculous that you'd charge for something so essential) and make it cost Gold, or even Horns. Doing that would completely fix the problem. Make it 100k Gold or 5 Horns for all i care, just do something. I refuse to pay for something that should be free due to how essential it is.

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    I think this is an excellent suggestion. With the hectic schedules of all of the players, a dependable method of communication is needed.


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      I am Agree with Demonic


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        I agree and I am sure it would be very helpful.
        Perseverance is better than defeat.


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          Definatly this is a great idea


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            Bumping this thread..