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S170 is dead

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  • S170 is dead

    Hi when you guys created the S170 it was sooo full and lot of players really joined us and i was one lucky
    person to create the first guild there , i had 140 active users on my there is hardly anyone ..we
    only have another guild to fight with ..which they only have like 19 active users...we have 3 guild battle every week 2 of them we don't even show up to them as we know that there is no one on that guild... there is 7 guilds on the server 5 of them are EMPTY , there is only me and another 2 players are lvl 55+ which is sucks as we can't even do the lvl 55 dangon the closest player to us is lvl 53 ..please fix this problem by merging us to new servers before the rest of players on this server decide to quit and i will be one of them.