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Battle grounds/ world bosses/ guild battle/ stables how to improve them all

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  • Battle grounds/ world bosses/ guild battle/ stables how to improve them all

    ok Let's star with Battle grounds everyone hates them because Vip powerhouses have all the wins and our level's are up to 10 different from each other in there they need to be within 5 levels of each other 10 gives to big of a advantage and Vip"s should be seperate from non payers to balance everyone"s happiness . Ok Now we move on to World bosses u guys really need to balance the difference between Archer's Knight's And Mage's Archer's have a very unfair advantage over everyone and Knight's over Mage's it pisses everyone smart enough to understand that off!other than that World Bosses are fun. Ok now to Guild Battle it is by far the best event on this game a chance to fight with your guildie's and earn honor and insignia's and our oh so precious mount whip's but you guys have limited how many Just 8 guilds My guild is one of them but there is so many that will never get to experience this that is such bu?? ??it and only 50 from each Guild I suggest you let the top 20 guild's fight with no player limits it will increase your base profit to because everyone starts useing balen's to grow so there guild can beat there compitition guild battle should be whole guild's fighting it out not just 50 so no one is ever left out because every guild that has more then 50 good player's has to stop the growth of the whole guild to pick 50 of the best. Now Stables you guys wanna make money off them that's understandable but don't be soooo Greedy I've spent at least 5 months almost half a year building and buying whips to power my stables to level 2 and I'm only at 8k it needs 13k think about this your gonna lose players before they ever get the steed they want that means bye bye money you really need to sale a level pack for stables that increases the level and not at 300 dollars don't be greedy try saleing the first for 50 the second for 100 and 50 dollars more for each you will see dramatic increase's in people buying balen's. & make all the special mounts buyable at shop the hurricane in guild shop very few will ever buy it and if they do it wont be with balen's everyone will buy these mounts if you sell them and your market is a money eating machine we all no this but peeps will buy them. THANK YOU Amber Dawn of Valor If you have read this and agree spread the word if we all let them know we agree on something they will listen tell your freinds and have them post threads about it lets gather the masses to get what we want!

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    No, just no to all your suggestions.


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      No huh that's all u have not very smart huh lmfaorotf get a life or go pound sand . And on your way out don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya


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        BG's are fine. Remember when it was 30-39 and 40+? How can this be worse? In any case, people will still put up a whine fest when it's separated by level AND BR AND class AND Gender AND gear AND mount strength AND clothing set, so: no. It's fine as it is. If you lose: get stronger. I know more than enough non-VIP players that hold their own.

        As far as GBs go: once again: think back to how it was. On most of the servers the 16 guilds that participated, only a handful were active ones. The rest just never showed up. 8 Guilds are fine. If there are more active guilds, maybe a second tier tournament can be put in place, but I doubt that'll ever get done.
        No player limits, eh? Have fun not being able to play due to lag. Don't come whining to the forums when that happens.

        Last: don't act like such a b**** to someone that merely replied to your thread. If you don't want to see differences of opinions: don't start a thread.