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Guild Battle Suggestion

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  • Guild Battle Suggestion

    As most know, Guild battles only allow a maximum limit of 50 players from each guild to enter.

    Some guilds obviously have more who miss out..

    Perhaps allow a "Reserves" feature. Allowing players to sit in spawn, unable to move, attack, or be attacked.

    When a player dies, and there are people in the reserves, that player is put in with the reserves, where the next person in line at the reserves is put into play (First come first serve) and takes over.
    If no one is in reserves, then that player respawns as normal with the regular cooldown.

    All participants get rewards as normal, this could make for some interesting tactics down the line and add more strategy to guild battle(ie; Gank the strongest players, send them to reserves). As well as allow more than 50 players to receive rewards.

    If lag is an issue, perhaps the reserves area can be placed on another screen. Where players will be automatically redirected to the battle when it's their turn.

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    I like it. But I got a 'but'... Some (lots of?) guilds form teams to defend either main tower/certain pathways, etc. If one of those team members were to die and a reserve jumps in, that can mess up the whole battle strategy. Especially if said team is of 60+ players, and suddenly a level 25 gets in instead. Even more so if all the heavy hitters with covenant that hit the main tower get replaced by the tiny players. That could just be the difference between a win and a loss.


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      That's what I think will spice up GB a bit too. Perhaps next highest in BR in the reserves then.


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        How about they just up the # of participants!


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          yes mor participant screw reserve we need more then 50 in battle so we can dominate more we win every GB anyway so it is what it is


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            More participants = more lag.
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              How about make two separate GBs just like BG. Each GB holding up to 50 ppl. Having asst and guild leaders in both of those GBs. Rewards will be the same and thus everyone will get a chance at it. No lag either since it be two different screens. You can put on a list of people you want on either GB list. That way you can keep your plans the way you want as well.


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                That as already be suggested, and it's definitively not a solution, as some guilds don't have active players under some level.
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                  Yeah, this keeps the 50 people, and allows more to participate without lag