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  • vip cards

    i know you probably hear this a lot but as non paying players we could really use vip from time to time.. at least to use all the tokens we have.

    my suggestion is to make a repeatable event that would give vip card for 12 h-1d-3d-7d, or any other ammount you like. The event could be by gathering 30-50 vip shards that drop from random monsters in mp dungeons or even spire/altar, or maybe from wb, each attack to have a 5% chance to give 1. This would be really helpfull to players and it would still keep cashers way ahead due to the higher ammount of time they have vip

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    You can use the VIP tokens, just the same way as you use all the other drops from boxes that are of no use to you.

    You hit that sell button and you get gold for them!

    If you are really that worried about using those tokens, then there is an option to become VIP


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      Be much better to use the tokens on something like buying, than waste money going VIP especially when the person may not be able to afford it (ie unemployed). Billy_McF if a person says non-paying player that means he will not become a VIP.


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        Just save up 1000-2000 tookens and active vip for a month $7.99 is not so hard price.

        Should give you 27 full spins give you aless 15 660 000 gold and 135 skeletton keys.

        and 7.99 is not hard price what you get out frome it.
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