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One problem...

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  • One problem...

    If you guys(GM) wont solve or solve the second group arena event me and lots of people wont have any way just to quit this game. Allways at second group arena we barely have 3-4 wins out of 30 be more specific we are always matching 5k even 10k br stronger oponents. We cant play like this. In the first group arena event of the day i allways have 15-20 wins out of 30. I allways do group arena with players of the same br as mine. This started to be very annoying for me and lots of other player becouse we cant do allways first arena event of the day. Thank you !

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    Ever heard of Prime Time? The stronger players play during the most active parts of the day, which is usually evening time since most people are out of school/home from work then. This means the competition is fiercer and you have a chance to face tougher opponents.


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      many factors may affect group arena matchings:

      others teams on qeued

      1. lets say u are matched with same levels as your team.. but guess what, they are stronger than you guys.. you will most likely to lose. just a scenario
      2. matched with same BR as u guys..but they are higher lvl than your team.. being on a higher lvl have a 5% decrease damage taken from lower ones OR 5% increase more damage from a higher lvl..not sure w/c of the 2 is correct..also they are higher ranks in compare to your team
      3. mostly stronger players are qeued at the moment.. no choice but you gonna have to fight them


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        "a chance"...not all chances...told ya...3-4 out of 30 EVERYTIME. That's not "a chance". I understand you're point but is too annoying. And by the way, not only "monsters" come back from school/work/town at Prime Time
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          the matching system is based on highest lvl of teammember, not BR. If you want to win more GA fights stop lvl'ing (by upgrading your talents) and dont run with players many levels above you.


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            hmm...i tought matching system is based only on BR. I will try that capkop ty


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              Originally posted by R26968867 View Post
              hmm...i tought matching system is based only on BR. I will try that capkop ty
              It's based on level. Very much based on level.
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                There is a way to get 30/30 wins.

                Just refresh before you lose the fight, it wont count and you'll still have that attempt to try another party.


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                  This is why you want your group all close in levels, you get more fair matches.