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Managerial powers or Exlploit

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  • Managerial powers or Exlploit

    Guild Masters, assistants and officers are people just like the other members.

    However they have the opportunity of doing personal vengeance and are granted and unfair punishment advantage over other people.
    This flaw comes from the fact that when players are kicked for whatever reason, they receive their vault items but loose their contribution.
    This has opened the door to personal vengeance. It is fair enough to have the gold sent back by mail.

    It would still be fair to see the guild lose the wealth equivalent to the contribution: if you dont need a player, you dont need his money.
    We can understand that if the gold value remained their would be a gold duplication. It only has to be withdrawn (from the guild warehouse

    Guilds do not need to make wealth out of people who are undesired. sounds fair enough to me.

    Kicking ability is a Managerial power, not a Punishment revenge tool (I hope). Right now, it is an exploit for those who can do it.
    I would like this exploit be recognized as such. Moreover, people being kicked are not bad people deserving punishment.
    They can be people who did not connect for a while. They can also have (or not) offended the friend of the friend...of
    an assistant in the guild.

    Send contribution back just like all other vault items when leaving a guild.
    Being Expelled from your guildmates is a sufficient insult don't you think ?

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    Well... if guilds on your servers kick players (apart from asked kicks to join another guild), you are on a really bad server...
    But why not.
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      we normal remover afk after 6 weeks to make room for more people


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        This was not a case of being AFK, this is not a bad server, it was a case of someone abusing power to take vengance... Regardless of the reason, it is a good idea. I play on Tetani's server and the same thing happened to me on another server. Don't forget, your shot at the "Love Thy Guild" title starts all over too.