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Block or Dodge for Def Mage

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  • Block or Dodge for Def Mage

    Hi ppl,

    I play a lvl 60 Mage - Priest skilled - and just wanted to know which astral to use next.
    I see many mages use Illusion but I also have the Endhieldment astral ...

    Someone can help me with this one?


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    Tanky mages usually run with block + deflect or dodge + deflect astrals or... block + dodge, but then you really won't have much offense.


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      Imo, enshieldment... Illusion is nerfed badly.


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        I started a similar discussion thread at the link above.

        It has a lot of discussions about the pro's and cons of the various choices available to a mage.

        I hope it helps.
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          Yea I would go with enshieldment over the illusion now. The illusion doesn't proc enough for me to deem worth having. Averaging one hit out of 10 that you dodge? Not good enough for me. Course I'm not a gambling man though so I prefer a solid return for my investment and the illusion doesn't do it for me. I'm assuming you do have the goddess bless though right?

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            i've been running illusion for quite some time, and i'd have to agree with krackenker, recently i've noticed illusion not as effective as it used to be.


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              indeed that ill got nerfed, but dunno
              when I used it earlier in arena it worked :/
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