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Idea 4 game improve

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  • Idea 4 game improve

    Hi all
    Been playn Wartune not even sure 4 how long , and all this time had trouble with finding items fast after using sort.
    Think it would be a good idea if game had something like item position lock function in inventory. Would be useful when it needs to get pots in middle of dungeon, or protect tokens to avoid plunder after killing wb
    It would help to make sets of items that u use. Lets say u go 4 mp arena or dungeon by using lock its possible to make a 1 or few rows of pots, scrolls and runes that u may need.

  • #2
    Don't use sort? Organize your inventory your own way and just stay well clear from the sort button.


    • #3
      using sort only coz its easier to see how much space left XD, its just that some items has higher priority 4 use so like to have them separated


      • #4
        I use sort to make it easier to find things. One annoying thing is same item but unbound/bound difference, can end up on different pages


        • #5
          yea, true its kinda annoying. would be also good to remove that coz anyway theres no use of it