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How about a minimum of days a person has to be in a gulid to be in guild battle.

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  • How about a minimum of days a person has to be in a gulid to be in guild battle.

    On server 87 there is constant guild hopping from powerful players going from their guild to other guilds on guild battle nights and it really messes up the rewards for players who work so hard to build a strong guild to only be defeated by combinations of other guilds.

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    First day if them chooes take you in to GB.

    After them remove 16 to 8 guilds is over 400 people more every weaken some missing a spot and them top 8 guild all merg to them so must of top 8 guilds have 200 players.
    And every guild try to win so them just must of all time take in top 50 players or top 30 players and 20 random people.

    And get spot in 20 random spot is hard frome 50 to 200 players is a lesser chance that 10% that you get a spot if you not are a top players in BR and maby make you a standard spot a tower or mobile team for take over the towers.

    If you are to low lvl or to weak i guess you never get a spot becouse you still can not do noting in other hige lvl players and just can go down in a duell so them other people die becouse them have 1 or 2 strong 2 bad vs 4 relly strong charters.
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    Server - S100 Goulpass Keep
    Class - Archer
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