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  • idc

    i can make as many threads as i want. if they want to merge them atleast their reading it. if they can break the law and lie to us i can post a few threads and you and them can get over it. that was a 2k lie for my guild alone. they just stole over 25000$ from people by saying one price then charging another after the release of the event. also you have to have contact infromation. i will be trying to get back the money you wrongfully aquired and doing anything in my power to make sure you learn the laws before you try ripping people off. and if we line your pockets why are we the ones your trying to mess over. if you see an advertisement for the prise of an item and go to the store to get it and they try to change the price at the register they get sued. this is the same thing you said one price then raised it after people already paid. you need to answer for yourself DEVS DONT BE SCARED. -+++++++++
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    I've already told you that you can continue posting in the first thread you made regarding your issue.
    I do suggest you calm down and relax a bit and take my suggestion before a Moderator will have to resort to revoking your posting privileges and any further accounts in which you wish to create in order to pursue your issue.

    This is your final warning.

    Have a good day.
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