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    Guildbattles alway's take place at 20:00 server time, now that is great fun, but most members in my guild are from Europe, and 20:00 is around 2-3 AM in the morning for us, and it's mostly held during week day's so.. .it becomes close to impossible to join in these events ever. It be nice if even once a week it be on a different time zone.

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    This just shows the importance of joining a server that suits your time zone.

    If they changed the time for 1 guild battle to suit your guild, it would effect a lot more people, who in the most would be highly annoyed by the change.

    I started out on an American server, and couldn't do any of the events due to the time difference.
    The solution for me was to stop playing on that server, join a GMT server and start all over again, and I am afraid that this is going to be the only solution available to you!


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      Gotta agree with Billy. We have a lot of European players in my guild but they chose to play here and choose to stay here cause of awesome friends and guildmates even if they do miss out on most of the guild battles. Other events we hold are set to allow most of our members to participate like calling the Tree of Ancients or Summoning the Divine Altar. But if you are finding that people consistently can't make any events including other world events like World Boss and Battlegrounds and Group Arena you might want to move to a server more in keeping with the time you play, not necessarily your time zone, but again the time you actually play. I play on US West, live in US Est but pretty much am living on NZST cause of my personal preference and the people I talk to regularly.

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        Fair enough, though when starting out I had no idea this all would be a factor- but at this point I spent a lot on this server already. So starting over isn't really something I look forward to, and made some good friends on it aswell. I can do all other events so it's not the end of the world not being able to. It just be a nice to join those as well.