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Kinda COOL if the socket gems name would be changed

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  • Kinda COOL if the socket gems name would be changed

    R2games could you please make the names of the socket gems into like ruby,sapphire,amethyst and etc..cuz it would sound and look cooler and much attraction to be heard for others will be interested to hear:here I made a suggestion for the names of gems according to their colors -- Ruby-Physicalatk gem,Opal-Hp gem,Emerald-Physical defense gem,Turquoise-Charisma gem,Amethyst-Critical gem,Topaz-Magic defense gem,Sapphire-Magic Attack gem,-Tanzanite Block gem? ...tnx(Just asking as a player to bring change into this great game and site R2games Wartune
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  • Erasmus123
    but the name describes already the deatail and which stats it up

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